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January 21, 2018
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News You Can Use Jan 27, 2017
The Thief in Chief
by admin

I know many members of the Building Trades are looking to Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again”. I would like to point out a few instances in his business career that may give you pause while considering him for the highest office in the land and the most powerful man in the world. The most glaring aspect of his business prowess is he has filed bankruptcy FOUR TIMES. These bankruptcies left a trail of economic ruin and calamity in the lives of his creditors. He has even suggested that our country do the same with our national debt! He inherited his wealth and screwed people out of their wealth to keep his. I see it as stealing. The Donald was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. It was pointed out by some that if he would have taken his father’s “small” one million-dollar loan (over 7 million in today’s dollars) and put it in the stock market; he would be twice as wealthy as he currently claims to be. Trump: a real entrepreneur in anyone’s book.

What is of particular interest to me is how many times he has screwed over the little guy in his career. According to USA Today, Trump has had over 3,500 lawsuits filed against him and 200 mechanic’s liens. When he built his Atlantic City casino, The Taj Mahal, he screwed 253 subcontractors (the folks that Building Trades men and women work for) out of 69.5 million dollars. Many of those subcontractors went under while his lawyers delayed and fought on his behalf for years in court.  In addition, he has had lawsuits filed against him for non-payment from the very lawyers he used to beat the little guys brains out in court. Of course, it is hard to find out all of his dirty dealings because he makes his victims sign “non-disclosure” agreements before he settles the lawsuits. They are bound by law to not tell their nightmares at the hands of Trump.

I would argue he has had more failures in business than triumphs. Look at what he has lost: an airline, a football team, a mega yacht, the Taj Mahal Casino, a golf course, a “university” and two wives (cheated on #1 with #2 and # 2 with #3).  Newt Gingrich would be a perfect running mate for him at least in the marriage department. Remember him? Newt is the one that told his wife he was leaving her, when she was recovering from cancer surgery, to marry his much younger secretary that he was having an affair with (a real Republicon “family values” guy like Trump). Nice Guy (his name has been mentioned as a possible VP choice although he did leave Congress amid the cloud of many ethical scandals).

Then there was Trump University. He recently attacked a federal judge for letting a class action lawsuit go forward. This “Mexican” Judge risked his life fighting drug cartels yet was born in Indiana and can’t be “fair” because he is of Hispanic descent. Even other Republicons called his remarks racist. The Judge cannot respond to these attacks due to the legal ethics of his profession. So, like a true bully, Trump has picked a fight with a guy who has both hands tied behind his back. Judge Curiel has more kahunas than the small minded, small handed, Trump will ever possess. Trump is using his Presidential campaign to bludgeon a FEDERAL JUDGE into submission for his private business dealings. Unheard of and unprecedented…EVER! What would he do if he were the President? Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas for you racists out there) stated that his, and the Republicon’s, strategy is to “…pound the courts into submission to the rich and powerful”. Lord help us if he gets to appoint a Supreme Court Judge or two. He has already said that the libel laws (protecting the 1st Amendment right of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press) need changed. This would allow him to sue anyone that says something bad about him and break them with court and attorney fees.

In 2010 The Better Business Bureau gave Trump University a D minus for their deceptive practices and the investigations began. The Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott (R), launched an investigation but Trump gave him $35,000 for his successful Governor’s bid and, guess what, the case was dropped. Pam Bondi (R), the Florida AG, dropped her investigation for a mere $25,000. Meanwhile, Trump made $40 million while targeting desperate people who thought they were going to get rich. One poor sucker had $25,000 charged to his new credit card (he was told to get a new one to change his life) within 3 hours of walking in the door. It changed his life alright…for the worse.

Elizabeth Warren said it best: Trump is a “loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and serves nobody but himself”. I prefer the title of THIEF! I know that we all think, with good reason, politicians ALL LIE. This is what I know from life experience: A liar is not always a THIEF: but a THIEF is always a liar. Next month we’ll discuss what he thinks of his employees, unions, RTW, Freedom of the Press and American workers pay envelopes…such fun we will have!! WEE, let the campaign season begin!

Lawrence E. Oberding

Executive Secretary



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